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6/28/2024 Maintenance Superintendent - Power Distribution Aurora - North Carolina Chemicals/Petrochemicals


Walker Elliott and our client are sourcing for an Maintenance Superintendent with extensive experience managing plant maintenance of power distribution systems, instrumentation, and electrical systems.

The ideal candidate will have a background with high voltage (KW and MW) equipment, turbomachinery (steam and gas), substations, and lighting systems at a large chemical plant, refinery, or mining operation.

Excellent Benefits: Full Medical, Dental, 401K, Company and Performance Bonuses, Extensive Relocation Assistance with moving costs paid.

Daily Responsibilities:
  • Direct and manage the Electrical Maintenance department with approximately 90 staff members. 10 direct reports including supervisors to support the maintenance and production goals of the daily operation of the 50+ acre plant.
  • Responsible for complete maintenance issues with the turbomachinery, pumping stations, drag lines, substations, power generation units, DCS, PLCs, switchgears, and more.
  • Actively participate in industrial utilities groups to ensure reliable and cost-efficient electric utilities.
  • Oversee the Preventive Maintenance program for the electrical and power distribution systems.
  • Organize comprehensive training sessions.
  • Address maintenance issues and improve the condition of machinery and equipment.
  • BSME or EE or related is preferred, but over 10+ years of maintenance management with power distribution systems experience at a chemical plant, nuclear plant, co-op, refinery, or mining operation will be considered.
  • Must have previous supervisory or departmental management experience.
  • Must have direct power distribution, electrical, and instrumentation background.
  • Able to training and get hands-on on projects

Do not apply unless you are authorized to work in the United States for any employer as client company cannot sponsor or transfer visas at this time.

Walker Elliott is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

For additional information, please email your resume to or apply online.

Anyone working on the Nutrien position in Aurora, NC, please advised the job description has been updated.
  • Consider Maintenance Supervisors, Managers, or Superintendents with a strong “POWER DISTRIBUTION” experience and “LEADERSHIP OF A LARGE TEAM.”
  • “Candidates declined. Like, they they just don't have the leadership experience. So we decided to bump that up to 10 years. The education, ideally, is not a deal breaker, but if they have an engineering degree, chemo mechanical or electrical would be preferred. Okay. It's not necessary if they have the leadership experience in a maintenance INE department. Like, if they were, like, a general supervisor and they're competing for a superintendent role, but they have to have experience with power distribution and the, supervisory experience. So those 2 are musts.”  Damion Orr at Nutrien
  • Then we need a pretty good sized team. Like, it can just be, like, 3, technicians or anything like that. Like, it's because this team is, like, 65 people. So if they've been leading a team of, you know, 30 or more, that would probably be fairly conducive, I mean, when you when you think of it. Right? Because this person is gonna have maybe I'm trying to think. I wanna say it's, like, 9 direct reports between the engineers, the automation controls, folks, and the, general supervisors because he's got 3 general supervisors. 5 automation and control, technician specialist automation engineers, And then, he's got a team right now of 3 engineers.

More from the transcription:

**Updated Candidate Requirements**: 'So we decided to bump that up to 10 years.'
— Damion Orr 00:00:0300:00:06
'Managing Large Teams': 'This team is, like, 65 people. So if they've been leading a team of, you know, 30 or more, that would probably be fairly conducive, I mean, when you when you think of it.'
— Damion Orr 00:01:2900:01:42
Challenging Electrical Industry Dynamics: 'It's tough. Electrical is, it's always a challenge because of the fact that it's a tight group. Most of the time, you're gonna get, electrical folks are gonna come from co ops. And co ops, like, they have good benefit package. So, like, retirements and all that kind of stuff are available for these folks. And once they get in a co op, they tend to not wanna leave.'
— Damion Orr 00:03:1400:03:38
**Employment Challenges in Refineries**: 'When it when it comes to these plants working in a refinery, people are looking at $200,000 and it's like, woah. We can't compete with that.'
— Damion Orr 00:03:4300:03:51
Power Distribution Challenges in Mine Expansions: 'If they don't have the power distribution experience, that's not gonna be good because what we're dealing with is mine expansions.'
— Damion Orr 00:06:2800:06:36
Generating Community Benefits: 'We end up getting a check from Duke at the end of the year because we're contributing back to the community.'
— Damion Orr 00:07:3600:07:41
### From Asphalt Plant to Expansive Operations: 'Because of the asphalt plant, you're looking at maybe a mile. They're not very big, in the grand scheme of things. And then you've got 55 square miles of moving equipment and and different things that are going on because they got 3 turbine engines.'
— Damion Orr 00:08:0200:08:17
'The Scale of Operations': 'So this is not like a this is not like a small facility in the grand scheme of things.'
— Damion Orr 00:08:5600:09:02
Scrambling for Replacement: 'I've got 4 months until the, outgoing, individual, essentially is is not gonna be here.'
— Damion Orr 00:10:0500:10:13
'Urgent Job Recruitment Challenge: So I need to, you know, buckle down and find somebody, fairly quickly. Because even if I do find someone, it's gonna take potentially 45 days, to get that person here, to include relocation and and get everything situated. And then they only have about 2 months, to spend with the current, superintendent to learn how he currently does work and then, kind of formulate a plan on how they're gonna do work.'
— Damion Orr 00:10:1300:10:42

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