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7 May 2020
Resume Tip of the day
Category: Candidates
Article By Betsy Elliott

Welcome to May 2020, as we like to say in Texas; most of us are still “hunkered down” in some level of shut down mode. We are looking forward to emerging from our homes and connecting on a face to face basis with all our family, friends, and clients.

I personally have a long list of clients that I look forward to meeting for coffee or lunches.

We want to help as many people as possible to return to work quickly and would like to share tips to help during this time—starting with resume advice!

If you find yourself in a search today—then you really need to make sure that your resume helps you get noticed.

Did you know that only 1 in 4 resumes is looked at by a person?

The first gatekeeper you must get past in your job search is the Applicant tracking system, the second gatekeeper is the HR and Recruiting departments. Understanding both steps will make your search more successful. Corporate recruiters are blamed way too often. Did you know that just an average job posting may draw hundreds of resumes, for larger companies they may get 1000′s of resumes? Many corporate recruiters are working on a broad range of roles. It is your job to craft your resume to get successfully past the ATS system ranking and to have a clear clean resume that HR/Recruiters can quickly look at to see the match.

Today’s Tip:

Align your resume with the job posting. Applicant tracking systems will search your resume for the skills specifically mentioned in the job posting—and these skills need to be under each of your listed jobs and not just listed in a skill section in your resume.

For example: If you are applying to an Accounting Manager ad. In this ad skills required are Month end closing, Inventory, Budget, Costing, maybe AR and AP and perhaps 10+ years of manufacturing.

The ATS (applicant tracking system) will search your resume for each item in the job description, it will look to see if you mention these skills “in context” on your resume. (ideally in a clean bullet point format—for once your resume gets to HR). You cannot assume that just by your title that the ATS will know you have those skills. Your resume is ranked by how clear you are in communicating to the ATS that you in fact a match.

Look for how the ATS uses those terms. Does the Job say Accounts receivable or does it say AR? Try to use the same language as the job.

Hope this tip helps! Feel free to email me questions on resumes and I am happy to incorporate these into future posts.


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