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13 May 2020
How do you feel when you hear from Recruiters
Category: Announcements
Article By Betsy Elliott

Occasionally we will call a client, or a prospective client and they will ask us “don’t you know what is going on, why in the world would you be calling us about hiring today?”

Do you feel that way? Do you feel that sales organizations need to shut down because of the pandemic?

I will tell you how we feel at Walker Elliott. We feel that 30 million people are out of work and they need and want to go back to work! The only way we can do our little part in this is by calling and talking to the marketplace.

We are here, we are open for business and we are proud to be working every day for our candidates and clients. There are companies today that are looking beyond this time of shutting down and they are opportunistically looking to pick up talent! They are making strategic plans on how they are going to thrive in the back half of 2020! We are here to support those initiatives.

How are you handling this tough time? Are you trying to see the positives? Do you want to be a part of the rebuilding of the jobs market? It will not hurt my feelings if you aren’t hiring but please know that we are sincerely working to help as many as we can!


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