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2 March 2016
A Recruiters View from the Energy Capital of the World: Perhaps you need a flexible hire?
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Article By Betsy Elliott

In a landscape of news filled with layoffs, we also see many startup ventures in the Oil and Gas industry. These exciting new firms are often starting with a core team of 3-4 people and financial backing from one of the Energy based Capital investment firms.

We’ve recently filled several roles with just this type of firm. They needed fast hires and needed them to be flexible in nature.

Client one: This client approached us needing a Reservoir engineer to assist in economic and field evaluations but they couldn’t commit to a direct hire just yet. Being a startup firm they wanted the expertise of a recruiting firm to help in the search. Our solution was to bring to the table a former Manager of Reservoir Engineering that was recently caught up in a layoff. They hired him on a full time contract basis. They have the option for full time hire if the market stabilizes. This solution has worked really well for both parties, the engineer is working in a challenging role that fully utilizes his experience, the client has the expertise they need with a contract hire with the option for both to commit to a full time hire down the road.

Client two: This client approached us with an immediate but part time on call need for a Development/Exploitation Geologist as they build their start up team. We successfully located a Consulting Geologist who was in between projects. This solution has worked out well for both parties. Our client has access to a top Geologist without having to make a full time commitment. The Geologist has an opportunity to stay engaged in the market.

What are your needs in the market? Contract often proves to be a great solution for both the candidates and the client companies. Candidates can keep their skills up while still earning a nice income, clients can have access to top tier talent on a flexible basis as they wait for oil prices to stabilize.

If you are interested in more information about flexible hires please feel free to reach out to one of our consultants at Walker Elliott.


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