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16 February 2016
A Recruiters View from the Energy Capital of the World: A Candidate’s Success Story
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Article By Betsy Elliott

Yet, it’s often in these markets that we get to encounter the most remarkable people. These are the ones that approach their job search head on, with drive and determination.

I received an email today from that type of individual. Previously, he had been the IT Director of a Houston-based Energy firm earning a great salary, solid benefits, and bonus when his role was eliminated. He is one of many outstanding IT leaders that we have seen affected by the energy markets here in Houston.

Today he sent me his “success story.” Part of his success, of course, is that he is now happily employed again, but to me the real success lies in his attitude.

His message was so great that I asked his permission to share some of his thoughts:

Hello all, A Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

A quick note to let everyone know that my job hunt was a success!  I started work February 1 in the role of Director of Enterprise Solutions.  These first two weeks have been an exciting immersion into an excellent culture, office and group of coworkers.

It was stressful but in a genuine way I enjoyed this transition period.  It gave me the time I needed to reset my perspective and reconnect with my family.  I started my social media push and began work on building my “brand”.  I am trying to engage the twitter-verse and add to the discussion on IT leadership, technology and renewable energy.   I am thrilled and grateful.  But in a weird way I will miss being “out of work” because I was so busy doing things that were close to my heart – spending time with people I know and love – giving as well as receiving

I continue to hear about struggles in the Houston job market.  We cannot seem to catch a break on oil prices.  The only advice I can offer to people still looking for work is to focus on transferable skills and do not be too quick to turn down an opportunity based on perceived problem areas like “a difficult commute”.  And keep in mind that it is a buyer’s market right now for talent so be prepared to accept slightly less by way of compensation.

Thank you for all your support.


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